day 212 - splashing around in the sunshine

It was another beautiful day today and I wanted to do something special with the kids. Something we had never done before so I decided to take them to the splash pad.

It was a great afternoon. We ate lunch in the shade, cooled off in the water, the admission was free (nice!) and best of all the kids were totally out of their comfort zone with it being something new so they were well behaved.

Or maybe I am just imagining that part since a whole week has passed since we went.

Must catch up on my blogging.

(That's Owen with the black trunks and brown towel and Ethan in the pirate towel and the brown and orange trunks.)

So overall it was a good day. How could it not be? Who doesn't enjoy a rousing game of "Guess which hand I very obviously hid my food in? Wait! How did you know?!!"


Anonymous said…
Awesome photos. Looks like so much fun!!