day 218 - baconfest 2011

Today we went to a delicious family barbecue, A.K.A. Baconfest 2011 and let me tell you - you can't go wrong with an event where the menu includes the words "bacon bomb". Bacon can indeed be woven and oh. my. god. is it delicious.

As with many events we attend, my sons' reputations precede them, but I still get the occasional "how could those sweet little boys running around really be half as busy as you say they are?"

Don't turn your back people. Five minutes into the pool Ethan nailed me right in the centre of my forehead with a water gun noodle, destroying my bangs (which I was trying to keep dry)

and this cute little one on the hammock

would have hit me with each of his shots while playing the ladder toss game had I not had someone standing behind me acting as a back catcher.

For god's sake don't take your eyes off of them. Many a person has fallen victim to the whole "Oh they're so cute! How accurate could their aim be?"



Anonymous said…
Yummy! Awesome photos.