day 225 - heart island

Best. Day. Ever.

Today we went on a boat ride from Rockport, ON to Heart Island, New York. It was a beautiful day trip and the boys' first time on US soil.

It also marked the first meeting of the "Open Stair-a-phobia" club. An official gathering of everyone too afraid to climb the stairs to the second floor of the boat because they didn't have backs on them.

What a shame. The second floor was where the fun was.

Heart Island is home to Boldt Castle, which I had never heard of before. It was beautiful and what a love story.

George Boldt was the general manager of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. He bought the island, then called Hart Island, and he started constructing a castle. He changed the physical shape of the island to a heart, changed the name of the island to Heart Island and hired a firm to build a castle to display the love he had for his wife. He planned to present it to her on Valentine's Day.

During construction of the castle, his wife suddenly died. He was heartbroken and ordered the 300 workers to stop construction. He would never return to the island. It sat empty for 73 years with no attention or maintenance and suffered damage at the hands of vandals. Eventually it was taken over by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority and became the tourist destination it is today.

You know, I never really got a good shot of the outside of the castle, but check out the Yacht House.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, baby.

Other moments included Ethan sitting in the captain's seat,

face painting at the hotel

posing for one big ass family photo ♥

and after dinner at the restaurant there was the first meeting of the "Thunderstorm-a-phobia" support group. Membership: 1.

This is something that Ethan started with about a month and a half ago. He gets really upset when there's a thunderstorm. Thankfully a Kool-aid Jammer and a movie seemed to help.

It was a fantastic day. A great day spent with family and an amazing day out.

I'd like to think my grandmother was with us today and thanks to my sister she was. :)


Melanie said…
What an amazing job capturing all this! LOVE the big family shot! I want those yellow converse shoes REALLY badly!