day 232 - i see london, i see france

Big day today. It was back to school shopping day. I took the three kids shopping and thank god Maggie was there. NEVER AGAIN will I take all three kids back to school shopping.

We took the kids into Please Mum and discovered a child play area with a tv playing "Up". Brilliant. Then I decided to step one rack away to look at clothes and Ethan screams out "HEY! You're supposed to be watching us!!!"

Or how about taking them into the changeroom with me to try on a new skirt. We're in the changeroom and Owen screams out "MOM! I can see your underwear!!!" Then he proceeded to peek under every change room door on the way out. My apologies, ladies.

And I definitely could have done without the umbrella sword fight in Payless.

Anyway, it was frustrating, but it was a successful trip. At the end of the day I know two things:

1. Two little boys who are not going back to school cleaned up and got a pile of clothes, and

2. Two little girls are going to be able to dress in new, matching outfits every day for a solid week.


Kim Stevens said…
Out of the mouth of babes....priceless!! lol

And I love the umbrella sword shot!!