day 233 - all aboard the barf mobile

Today was the kids' first air show (and mine). The boys were excited to see the planes and they loved taking the city bus from the parking lot to the airport. Ava was also excited but ended up getting carsick before we got there. :(

Looking at this picture now, Ethan also looks kind of pale.

The show was a big hit other than the F18 that zoomed over our heads from behind, scaring the living hell out of Owen (and me) and making him cry for five minutes. He didn't enjoy that part so much.

We went for a walk, got rained on, ate a pile of licorice and popcorn, the boys got kicked off the bouncy castle (way to go guys) and



Ethan's the dancer of the family. He's no Michael Jackson and sometimes it looks a bit like interpretive dance. Whatever the case, he felt the need to bust it right here in the middle of the runway. Rock on with your bad self, Bud.

It turned out to be a great day. We had a lot of fun with Nana and Grandad and managed to escape the bad weather.

And then our luck ran out.

Just as the Snowbirds took to the air, Ethan started complaining of a headache. Ten minutes later he started throwing up just as the Snowbirds were grounded and the air show came to an end due to weather.

At this point thousands of people started rushing to the gates to get on the shuttle buses and we started to get worried. It turns out that right about this time a tornado was hitting Goderich.

Thankfully we made it to the van and home safely.

Have you ever gotten into a van after a child has barfed in it and it's been closed up all afternoon on a long, hot and damp day?

Not half as bad as it smelled after Ethan threw up in it on the way home.


Anonymous said…
Oh man! Sounds like a fun day but so sorry about all the barfing. These photos are awesome.
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
Sounds like a great day, well kinda! Hope everyone is feeling better and the car is aired out.
You might have enjoyed on this day.. your photos are telling everything! Nice photos