day 238 - you must be taller than justin beiber to ride the behemoth

I really need to get on top of this blogging and catch up. This was two weeks ago and I can't remember any stories from that day other than if my boys had been another foot and a half taller, they would have ridden Behemoth. They kept asking me what it was and could they go on it.

Admission to the park: $42 per child and $48 per adult. It also goes by height. Ava measured 48" with her shoes on. Had she been over 48", she would have required an adult pass. AT FIVE YEARS OLD.

Favourite rides:

Ava: Chopper Chase
Ethan: The Red BaronLinkOwen: The Red Baron

Number of rides we went on outside of Kidzville: 0
Most exciting ride I went on: Jokey's Jalopies (which I went on during my first trip to Canada's Wonderland in the mid-80s)
Number of times I went on Behemoth: 0

In googling Behemoth to get the above clip, I realize we got screwed. If Justin Beiber is tall enough to ride Behemoth, surely my boys are. I suspect the girly scream would be the same.

I just pray to god this whole shaggy helmet head fad is over when they are the same age.

Three years from now.



Anonymous said…
Looks like such a great day. Wonderful photos.
You are so funny! I love it. Oh, and the photos are great. :)
Tiffany said…
Oh what fun! Love all of the shots, my fave....the shoes:)

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
fun times, great motion shot
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