fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

Sorry everyone! It's been a crazy week so far with lots going on. Here are my favourites from last week. Thank you so much to all who participated!

I love this shot by Samson. It's absolutely beautiful.

I absolutely love everything about this shot by Heather.

I love the shadows that Emily captured here - they are awesome.

This is a beautiful capture by Kim. Nicely done!

And the winner of Fabulous Friday is...AJ Creations. I absolutely love the softness of this shot.

Thanks again for participating! Feel free to pick up your button winners!


Rachel said…
Congrats to the winners!
Kim Stevens said…
Thank you Jennifer!
Nadege, said…
Congratulation to the winner, love that shadow shot.
Emily said…
Thank you for your recognition of my photo, I am honored! All of the top five photos are beautiful, congrats to everyone!
AJ said…
Thank you so much!
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