day 274 - calgary bound

Somehow I managed to lose two days in here. Rather than keep searching for them, I am going to jump ahead and keep going. I'll figure it out later.

Today I left for Calgary with my mom, aunt and cousin. If you happened to be at Pearson Airport bright and early Saturday morning you heard Erica and I get paged on a last call for our flight.

It was a damn long run through Pearson and I only got to eat half of my breakfast sandwich before I had to ditch it. Running on and off of travelators carrying hot tea, wearing Shape-ups you've only worn once before is hard enough without trying to stuff your face at the same time.

Stupid ridiculously long Tim Hortons lineup. Although I still maintain we had time to spare.

On a related note, how many Castanheiros can you fit in an Audi? Apparently 7 adults + 7 suitcases and miscellaneous carry-ons.

Good to know.