day 281 - i got the mooooooves...like Jagger

Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I obviously didn't anticipate nice weather. Ava's new bedroom set isn't going to fit in her current room and the boys' room is too big for them...so here we are. Beautiful weather and I am inside painting.

It's just you and me, Adam Levine. Help me paint this Garden Pansy fast so I can get outside in the sunshine.

Good weather also equals repairs before winter. The sliding door at the back of our house has become a problem so it has to go. I took the kids somewhere (no idea where) and when we got home the old door was gone.

This picture of Owen makes me laugh. What the.....?

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One Response to “day 281 - i got the mooooooves...like Jagger”

Jodi said...

great color choice! :)