day 286 - sweet dreams ava


Ava's new bedroom set arrived today and her new bed is more comfortable than my own.

As nice as her new set is, I won't be dealing with The Brick again. The bed and night table each have a small mark on them and as I type this, the dresser has only just arrived. The third time was a charm with the first one arriving broken and the second one scratched. It's pretty bad when the truck drivers unpack the boxes in the truck because they know that there's a very good chance that the contents inside are broken.

Oh well. Ava loves her new room and that's all that matters.

As my sons always say, "Good night Ava. Don't let the bugs bite you!"


Shannon said…
We cancelled a $4000 order with the Brick because they couldn't get their crap together. It was bedroom set and they kept wanting to deliver the pieced separately and when we would take it that way they kept selling the piece they had gotten for us from the manufacturer. Finally we cancelled it all but the mattress. Never again will I deal with them.
jane said…
I want her room and adult bed! looks amazing