day 338 - date night

Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's hard to say who's having more fun with this whole thing at this point, me or the kids.

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5 Responses to “day 338 - date night”

Venus Layugan said...

wow that's cute.. :) kinda sweet...

btw, i wanna ask a favor if you dont mind? can you send an invite to me on Pinterest. I need an invite so that I can use it. i will follow you promise! it will be appreciated, so much :) thank you so much.. here's my email : vhenlayugan@gmail.com

Jennifer said...

Thanks! And no problem. I just sent you an invite. Enjoy!

Venus Layugan said...

got the invite already! thank you very much :) you are an angel :)

Sheri said...

Love it!! Tangled looks very cozy with Sam :)

I think next year we'll do Elf on a Shelf at our house. I've seen so many people do it over the years, but never ever got around to it myself! Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh man this one had me laughing out loud to myself after everyone had gone to bed!