day 348 - streamer barricade

Tonight Sam built barricades across the kids' bedroom doors. They were a bit confused in the morning, climbing under them until I told them to run through them. It's strange. When I want them to be good, they're bad. When they have permission to be bad, they're good.

Ava summed it up best on the weekend in the car on the way back from Christmas shopping on Sunday.

Ava: "Hey Mom! Wanna know how I can tell my brothers apart? Ethan always looks like he's going to do something bad and Owen always looks like he's sorry."

I've explained the differences between the boys for almost four years so people can tell them apart. Ethan has a more pronounced cowlick, Owen is more outgoing....I gotta say this is the most accurate assessment I've every heard.

There's a reason why he's sorry Ava. It's because he's usually two minutes ahead of his brother. He already did something bad and he's getting in trouble for it.


jane said…
love the guard dog, hard at work:-)