the month of february

Thanks so much for the kind comments on my Blurb book! I really appreciate it. It was fun and it's nice to look back on an entire year of photographs and stories.

I find the stories are the most important part of Project 365. In almost every case I remember taking the picture, but I frequently forget the story behind it. The crazy things the kids said or other important things happening on a particular day. They are stories that I never would have remembered had I not documented them.

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Thoughts on Project Life so far? Liking it. It's easy and the coordinated sets are nice. Not totally diggin' the Clementine set I used for these layouts though. It had less elements than the Cobalt set I used for January and it's just not my style.

But that's okay. It's done and I'm moving on to March. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that one day I might even catch up. Maybe one day I'll send a book to print in the year it was photographed and scrapbooked.

Highly unlikely, but a girl can dream.

February 2011 - Project Life

February 2011 - Project Life

February 2011 - Project Life

February 2011 - Project Life

Are you doing Project Life? I'd love to hear how it's working for you!


Anonymous said…
I love seeing what someone has done with the digital kit! I almost went that route, but decided to be hands on with my first time of it. Love all the colors, it looks gorgeous!
bentonflocke said…
wow - fantasic! It turned out super good!
Mira said…
Those look beautiful! I love the background color!
mommy of Five said…
i really need to start using mine've inspired me...
maiylah said…
not much idea about the Project 365, but i love what you did! :)