day 51 - rest in peace scrappy

I hate buying birthday cards. I could spend an hour in the card aisle trying to find a decent card and I get panicked when I can't find one. My specifications are A. it can't be mushy and B. it can't be lame.

I was looking for a card for my sister's birthday the other day and wasn't having any luck.

And then I found Scrappy.

Day 51

Happy birthday Mel (+ my new niece/nephew on board)!

Day 51

In case you're wondering what happens to Scrappy, he doesn't look both ways before crossing the street and he doesn't make it.



Gayle Labuz said…
I am almost speechlessness... because I'm laughing too hard to actually say anything.
Now, every time I see a squirrel I'll automatically call it Scrappy. And I'll really hope he'll juggle his nuts before he runs across the street....
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