day 54 - squirrel!!!!!!!

I have a very short attention span. If you've ever watched me at home, I have to be doing two things at once. I'll pack away a third of the groceries and then wash some dishes. Then another third and start some laundry. If I'm in a restaurant or somewhere else with a busy environment my eyes are all over the place as I try to talk to you. I am very easily distracted.

This picture was actually taken on Sunday. I had taken Ethan and Ava out to do some running around and we stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken to pick up dinner. We had to wait for our bucket of chicken so to kill time I pulled out my phone to take a picture of the two kids.

Me: Okay guys smile!

Me: Smile.... (Ethan's smiling and Ava's smiling but her eyes are all over the place looking at stuff.)

Me: Ava! Why aren't you looking at me?

Ava: Because that poster over your shoulder is distracting me!

Day 54

Crap. Apparently ADD is hereditary.