day 57 - i want to be a helicopter

Today Owen got to go to Walmart and buy a new toy with his birthday money. After careful deliberation he got a monster truck and a Cars 2 game for the Wii.

A recent conversation with my youngest son (by nine whole minutes):

Me: What would you like to be when you grow up?
Owen: A helicopter.
Me: You mean you want to fly helicopters?
Owen: No. I want to be a helicopter.

Super Mario Brothers. Setting kids up for disappointment with the real world since 1985.

Day 58


If you tell him that when he grows up he can be anything he wants to be if he puts his mind to it, you can't then turn around and say, "except a helicopter."

Someday he'll decide that growing a propeller is more work than it's worth and he'll change his mind.