day 100 - the great mofo expedition

In the northern reaches of Wellington County lies the town of Mount Forest, or MoFo as it's affectionately called. On Easter Monday, my good friend Maggie and I packed up the five kids and headed out on an all day geocaching expedition.

It was a cold day, but a fantastic one and it provided further proof that I still can't navigate worth a damn.

Quote of the day during our travels:

Maggie: "You may be a horrible navigator, but you're awesome at fun."

Day 100
Day 100
Day 100
Day 100
Day 100Day 100
Day 100

Coolest find of the day? A cache full of shark teeth.

Day 100

Jennifer McDougall. Horrible at navigating, but awesome at fun since 1977.


Anonymous said…
Lovely post, looks like you had a great time. Love your photos :-)
Altax said…
Lovely kids, cool pictures and awesome photography. :)

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