day 101 - testing the twin connection

A certain little girl is about to turn six tomorrow and I'm totally behind the eight ball. Shopping was only done tonight on the way home.

Day 101

The quote of the day came at dinner. I was sitting at the kitchen table between Ethan and Owen.

Owen: I want to tell you a secret in your ear.
Cups his hands to my ear: I'm going to be on the green team for soccer.

He's very quiet and nobody hears him.

Ethan: I have a secret to tell you too!!!

Well this could be interesting, I thought. Let's test this whole twin connection thing and see if he tells me he's going to be on the blue team.

Me: Okay, what your secret?

Ethan (whispering in my ear): I want you to spank Owen's bum.


Sheri said…
I had to quickly close your blog because Alyssa was next to me as I was about to read your latest update. Why? Because we got her that exact doll for her birthday! Just picked her up yesterday at Toys R' Us. How funny is that! Alyssa is actually having a Lalaloopsy themed birthday this year! I think I am more excited about the planning of it than she is :) LOL I hope Ava had a wonderful birthday. Did she love Jewel Sparkles?
Anonymous said…
Just discovered your beautiful blog and am now following! Sure enjoyed reading your 2010 in review. What a wonderful way to preserve memories of your day to day lives. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos and words. Have a wonderful weekend!