day 82 - will you accept an i.o.u.?

Ava lost her third tooth today. She told me she had left the tooth at the babysitter's house, so I told her that we would get the tooth back the next day and put it under her pillow the next night.

The next morning it was windy and she happened to add that she left the tooth in the middle of the deck in the backyard in a ziploc bag.

It's obviously long gone so a letter had to be written.

Day 82

It worked, as the tooth fairy still coughed up $5 despite getting nothing in return.

Oh! And thanks to Pinterest I made this little tooth fairy pillow. It's a bit bush league, but I had to make it really quick.


Melissa said…
Absolutely adorable!
Sheri said…
Jen, you've inspired me to create a tooth fairy pillow! You did a great job! I love Ava's note! One of Alyssa's top teeth is very close to falling out, so I need to work quickly if I am going to create a pillow :)