day 85 - rest in peace you fantastic fish, you

I bought the boys new hats today and anybody who knows my boys know that these hats are absolutely perfect for them.

Day 85

On a related note, a short while ago I discovered that sometime today Owen's fish passed away. I went upstairs to find Owen and found him sitting on the bed playing on the iPod.

Me: "Owen, I'm very sorry. MoQueen died during the day."
Owen (looks up, reaches over and pats my hand, comforting me): "It's okay, Mommy."
And returns to his game.

Judging from the sheer joy Ethan had on his face when he flushed his fish several months ago, these children don't have attachment issues. That or they are as amazed as I that this fish has lasted as long as it has.

Oh MoQueen. I will miss the little glub glub your little mouth made against the glass. The way my children beat the living hell out of each other, fighting over who got to feed you. And impressed as hell that you lived in this house for 262 days, which is 260 days longer than I thought you would.

Rest in peace you fantastic fish, you.


Altax said…
Cute & Lovely picture!!!

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