day 96 - sunset over the water...treatment plant

Boy. This geocaching is taking to us all of the glamorous parts of town.

Tonight's adventure: the water treatment plant.

Ava (standing at the fence): Mom!!! That looks like chocolate milk!
Me: Yeah....that's not chocolate milk.

Cache finds tonight revealed a Bob Marley and the Wailers mixed CD and that I can't navigate worth a damn.

Day 96

Day 96

Six words that can bring geocaching to a screaming halt?

"Mommy, I have to go poops."

Day 96



Gayle said…
In theory,you were in the perfect spot to deal with the "poops". Think of the learning opportunity!
manas said…
This is quality. You really seem to be in tune with yourself and the ways in which think can go a little loose so to speak.
water treatment plants