day 97 - the arthur zombie society

I'm not big on cemeteries at dusk, but zombie hunting isn't for the faint of heart. If we're going to cover all of the caches in the area, we have to tackle the ones at the cemetery.

Day 97

The kids and I headed for the cemetery with my parents and the coordinates led us to a large tree just outside the cemetery entrance on a lonely dirt road.

Standing at the base of the tree and looking up at a large knot in the side of the tree. A knot that's large enough that a family of animals could be living inside:
Me (to my dad): I'm not reaching in there. You do it.
Dad (laughing): Okay. I'll do it.

He reaches into the tree, moves the camouflage around and pulls out a severed leg Halloween prop.

I thought I was going to die. First from fear and almost shitting my pants and secondly from laughing.

Day 97

When my heart rate finally returned to normal we headed to Tim Hortons for a tea. Even zombie hunters need to recharge now and then.

Day 97


Gayle said…
Awesome! Seriously lol' think we need to head to Arthur for some caching.
Pam Zmija said…
What is your user name... We just signed up need to figure this all out lol! We are zmijafour.
Jennifer said…
Gayle! You are welcome to come to our house anytime and we will show you around. ;)

Pam - I'm registered as scarlett1977. We did some caching in Mount Forest on Easter Monday and I was great. We found 6 there and there were many more we didn't get to. There's a cool one on the edge the river. I think it's called Shark's Lagoon. Instead of trading trinkets, there's a container of shark teeth and each registered cacher can take one. It was pretty cool. The great thing about the ones we did were near parks so it broke it up for the kids. Enjoy!