fabulous friday challenge

It's that time again. Welcome to Fabulous Friday!

It was a big week in our house. Ava got her ears pierced just in time for her sixth birthday. This photo was taken just before they were pierced. Ava took her bear for moral support and was getting one last squeeze in.

For anybody getting their ears pierced: use emla cream. I put emla cream on Ava's ears an hour and a half before the appointment and it worked so well. She didn't feel a thing and there were absolutely no tears. That in itself is pretty fabulous.

Day 98

Thanks for linking up and have an awesome weekend!

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tiarastantrums said…
I have never heard of that cream before?? I had my girls' ears pierced when they were 6 weeks old. (severe bald baby heads)
I'll have to remember that!
Anonymous said…
Such a big grown up stage getting your ears pierced, lovely picture.
New to linking up here x x
That is great idea, I never heard of the creme.
Sheri said…
Ava's getting so big!!

Where did you get it done? Alyssa has been asking me, but I honestly have no idea where to take her to get it done. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
...melody... said…
Cute photo of your little girl! :) Hope she is enjoying her newly pierced ears!