day 112 - going to that big swirlie in the sky

The day has come. Our last fish, Mater, is about five minutes away from a swirlie.

The kids got to pick out new fish from the pet store. Here they are with their purchases. Ethan's fish's name is Tootie. I'm totally okay with that, however it doesn't resemble the Tootie I'm thinking of.

Oh wait. It's Tootie Toot.

No it's Stinky Stink (yes we are at the everything-fart-related-is-hilarious phase).

Wait a's Mater 2.

I have no idea what his name is. All I know is that Mater number one looks to have made a recovery and we have become a four fish family.

Day 112

Owen's fish is Fish. Oh wait a's MoQueen 2.

Part of the project 365 documentation process is documenting the everyday goings on in the world. Now in no way am I suggesting that the new Happy Meal is as earth shattering or memorable as Burger Buddies were to my childhood, but a mini go instead of half the fries we would throw out anyway is a brilliant idea in my opinion.

Day 112

Oh my god, if there were Burger Buddies here right now I would eat a dozen of them.


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