day 116 - the great fish rescue

Around seven o'clock tonight, I started to wonder what on earth I would blog about today.

The blogging gods heard my call.

Ten minutes later I was upstairs packing away laundry and I heard Ava scream for me. I went running into the room to find water everywhere and Tooty Toot flopping on the hardwood floor. The boys were fooling around and they knocked her plastic container off the bookcase and it split in half.

I grabbed an empty container and ran over to where she was flopping helplessly on the floor. Then it hit me. Oh shit - I have to touch this thing with my hands. Fighting against the part of me that was saying, "This damn thing cost $3.99. Wait for it to stop flopping, pick it up with a kleenex and flush it."

But no. Three little sets of human eyes and three little sets of fish eyes are watching me and expecting me to do something about it.

Enjoy your new home, Tooty Toot.

Day 116


Anonymous said…
nice opinion. thanks for posting.