day 131 - welcome to lacrosse, we've been waiting for you

Two months ago I registered the boys for lacrosse. I believe the registration table lady's exact words were "we've been waiting for you".

Either she knows their dad and uncle were Junior B lacrosse superstars or she saw them beating the crap out of each other last year while we were registering Ava for soccer. Or maybe it was both.

Anyway, it was a rush to get them ready and to the arena by six. Mouth guards were bought and set at the very last minute, the boys were quickly dressed in their black, numberless t-shirts and it only made sense that they wear black shorts to match.

Apparently every single parent was on the same wavelength.


The night was a success and the boys liked it. They had a full hour of running around and ended by doing sprints back and forth across the floor. Surely that should tire them out, I remember thinking.

They finally fell asleep at 10:30. TEN THIRTY.