day 138 - it's a duck in a box

If there's one thing I love, it's graffiti (photographing it, not creating it) and that's exactly what we found tonight on a photo walk with the Mount Forest Camera Club. Ava came along with Jen and I and we had a great time.

And as usual, Ava took better pictures than I did. Here are some of my shots. I will post hers tomorrow night.


It was a great time and I was happy with the pictures I took, however upon closer inspection I had to do a tighter crop on the shot of her taking a picture of me due to some graffiti I didn't notice when I composed my shot. You kiss your mother with that mouth, punk?


You know, you meet some interesting individuals when you hang out under a bridge. We came across some random punks who were hanging out. I was a bit worried when the one guy walked up to us and asked if we wanted to see his pet.

That's right people.

Wait for it....

::channels inner Timberlake::

It's a duck in a box.