day 139 - national sarcasm society - like we need your support

This weekend's project is staining the deck and starting to build an outdoor living room, so we headed to Home Depot after work. The McDonalds consumed in the van on the way isn't going to win us any nutrition awards...but I'll get over it.


I hear all the time how much my sons look like Jason and they look nothing like me. What they get from me comes out in personality and usually in the form of an inappropriate swear word in front of the grandparents.

Overheard in the car:

Ava: Awww. She only gave us our drinks and didn't give us our hamburgers.

Owen (totally deadpan in his delivery): She only has two arms, Ava. She's not an octopus.


Auntie M said…
Hilarious! Love it! I can just see the look on his face as he said it! Too cute!
mommy of Five said…
"she's not an octopus" LOVE IT!