day 140 - the man way up at the top

I don't consider myself a religious person. Spiritual yes, but religious, not so much. So when I suggest going to church on a sunny Saturday afternoon on the way to the mall, we're definitely not going to mass.

We're going geocaching.

And this was no regular cache - it was our first multi-cache (okay technically second for Ava and I - we failed the first one).

A multi-cache involves going to the location as determined by GPS and using a series of clues to find the final location and the cache. The coordinates had us start at the Church of Our Lady. The first step was to find the year the church was designed by the architect. Then count the number of steps from the parking lot level down to Norfolk Street and the number of steps from the parking lot level up into the church. The final count was the number of men above the doors, including "the man way up at the top". At that point we did some simple math on my iPhone and we were off to the ultimate destination.


Then we were off to the mall because every good geocacher needs some retail therapy.

And poutine.


Note to self: explain to Ava who "the man way up at the top" is. I think she's been sleeping through religion class.