day 142 - a beautiful day for a photo shoot

No crazy stories today. It's kind of odd to have nothing to report. Oh well. Nobody swore in front of a grandparent or embarrassed me in public (or at least that I can remember), so I guess it's a good thing.

Today was an awesome day. A beautiful, warm sunny day that finished off a nice long weekend. It was a perfect day for a photo shoot.



Altax said…
Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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Mock-Turtle said…
Love the superman setup!
Jennifer said…
Thanks so much everyone!
Jaymi said…
love these shots! That purple brick wall makes an awesome set-up, and the superman shots are SO cute!
JTwisdom said…
Great pictures of your kiddos.
Iva Grbesic said…
Superman pics are so cute. Very creative.