day 144 - that lady doesn't wear underwear

All of my stories for today are laundry related. Rather than tell you myself, the content for this post comes directly from the kids.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I get home from work and see Ethan is wearing his pajama pants:

Me: Ethan - why are you wearing your pajama pants?
Owen: Ethan crapped in his pants three times today!

I'm in the kitchen folding laundry. Golden Girls is on the TV as background noise.
Ava (pointing at Blanche on the TV): Ethan!! That lady right there doesn't wear underwear!!


My photo for today is somewhat laundry related. My kids have this obsession with being able to wear their pajamas outside. They get quite excited on the rare occasion that it happens. Here's Ethan caching in the cemetery with me in his mismatched pajamas.

His mother had to reach into a tree for a cache and she chickened out so we had to settle for one find instead of two. I may have to pay one of the kids to reach up into the tree to get it for me.