day 173 - wait a minute, did you say nice shoes?

Where have the past two years gone? Today Ava graduated from kindergarten and will officially move into grade one in September.

The graduation ceremony was so cute. Certificates were presented to each of the kids in the class and they compiled comments from their peers. The comments ranged from "Cameron has nice hair and teeth" to "Jake has nice ears".

day 173

My beautiful daughter was complimented on being good at drawing and writing, helping people when they are hurt and for being very kind. Her peers also told her that she has nice shoes.

day 173


day 173

What the hell happened to her shoes?! This is her second pair this year and these shoes are only a few months old. She started the year in a size 13 and was a size 2 with air conditioning by the end.

I believe these shoes are what the younger generation calls "sic". They're sic alright.


Tamar SB said…
Her poor shoes! Congrats on finishing kindergarden!
Heather said…
Those shoes are shoes of a child!! Hehe! Shoes like around here are shoes that my daughter loves to wear and mommy sneaks them in the trash. EEK!! Then we throw a fit with new shoes and its only school day #2.
I think she is a handcraft girl.....