day 174 - missing: 7 ft columbian boa constrictor

Every night we sit around the dinner table and I ask the kids the same question - how was your day? What did you do and did anything exciting happen?

The answer is always the same...until today.

Me: "So Ava, how was your day? Anything exciting happen?"
Ava: "We couldn't go out at last recess because somebody lost a seven foot snake."

Whatever, Ava.

Needless to say I didn't believe her and then I logged into Facebook.

You know, I've lived in this town for over 30 years and I've heard some crazy stuff. I couldn't even begin to make this shit up.

day 174

The letter that came home from the catholic school called it a 7 foot Columbian boa. The letter that was sent home by the public school called it a 7 foot python. Tomato, tomahto. If a big ass snake jumps out of the bushes at you, run for your life.

Today's picture is illustrated by Ava. 


Tamar SB said…
Oh my word...who loses a 7 foot snake - wait - who has a 7 foot snake!!!!
Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!! (and scary, hope they found it!?) I wouldn't have believed my kids either, they're always saying stuff like that at the dinner table. I'm a new follower!
So nice Painting... snake looks Awesome...