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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sorry for the missing post last week. I was on vacation the latter part of the week and it completely slipped my mind. I'm back this week and I have a new favourite to share.

I did a back to school photo shoot with the kids this weekend and had so much fun.

This photo of Ava is my favourite. She wants to be a balloon animal maker when she grows up.

Thanks so much Maggie for having the best location and props ever.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for posting. I can't wait to see your shots.


Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful weekend!

A reminder of the rules:

1. The picture has to be taken by you (and feel free to have more than one shot in your post!).
2. Link up using the link to your individual blog post and not your main blog address.
4. Please include the Fabulous Friday button (below) in your post to link back to my site.
5. Leave feedback for five other participants. Let them know what you think!

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14 Responses to “fabulous friday challenge”

tiarastantrums said...

what adorable props! I love this photo - will look great in a scrapbook

Gayle @ Sometimes Eventful said...

So glad you're back this week! Love this shot.... who needs "school pictures" when you take photos as perfect as this one?

Tamar SB said...

Such a fun way to remember her at this age!

Danelle said...

I LOVE this shot!

Tiffany said...

Always love your shots! Have a great weekend.


Tami said...

Adorable shot! Happened across your blog and linking up to your party for the first time. Have a great weekend!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

so adorable!

Honey Mommy said...

Sometimes the location and props are what makes the photos so much fun! I really need to get more fun photo props!

Sarah Halstead said...

Adorable!! Love it!!

Jaymi said...

Hey Jennifer! Your comment wouldn't let me reply by email, but thanks so much! And it's definitely ok to share a link on your facebook page, I appreciate it!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it!

Welcome, Tami! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

And thank you Jaymi!!! I can't wait to share it. Thank you for always inspiring me. :)

CQ| said...

This is so cute. I definitely do this with my son! I love it!

btw Thank you so much for comment, and I would love it if you linked me. Thanks. I'm super excited.

Leovi said...

Delicious light and color, I love this photo, great scenery. Greetings.

Cartridge said...

Cute baby Nice post...Good Adjustment by photography...