project life - how to create interactive layouts

Are you doing Project 365/Project Life? This is my fourth year in a row and as time consuming as it is and no matter how far behind I am in my blogging, I still take my photos every single day. It is a project that has consumed me and I just can't seem to stop.

Every once in a while I insert iPhone screen captures of current favourite songs or weather forecasts to fill some gaps or make note of a significant event. The result is a pretty fulsome snapshot of a year in the life.

Despite the number of photos I take, I still beat myself up for not taking more video of the kids. I find myself wishing I had more footage of them as babies, the problem is that ripping videos to DVD and creating menus is time consuming and I have a big enough job processing photos and creating layouts for my photo books. And most importantly videos can't be incorporated into my photo books.

Or so I thought until I came across a brilliant pin on Pinterest. A pin that will revolutionize my photo books and bring them to life.

Instead of taking a photo of that moment where your beautiful child skates up to the boards at hockey practice and waves to you and journaling about it, capture it on video, create a QR code and insert it into your layout. Relive that moment with a quick scan with your smartphone instead of digging through a pile of unlabeled DVDs (because let's face it - you're not going to do it).

Here is the moment I will be using for today:


Richard said…
Thanks for the reminder about videos of kids. My daughter is about to turn into a teenager this weekend. They grow up fast and I too lack videos! Maybe I can interview her and get her impressions of her first day as a teenager! I'm guessing she won't cooperate.