The measles

Ava has the measles. That is the official diagnosis from the doctor. Not sure how she got them or where they came from, but she became covered in them on Sunday. So no new pictures for a little while, but in the meantime I will keep posting some stuff from the last little while that I haven't posted before. Here is another shot of Ava in the bear costume from her birthday on April 11th.

Thanks for looking and hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather.


Melissa said…
What a little munchkin. It's awful that she's been under the weather, but I'm so glad that she's starting to feel better. She's always such a pleasant little angel, even when she's sick.
Sheri said…
Jen - I'm sorry to hear that Ava has the measles. I hope she is feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
Hope Ava is up and running again. Poor pumpkin. Give her a hug for me please.