Meet Aurora

On the weekend we went to Montreal to visit my family. Here is the newest addition to the Castanheiro family - my cousin's 8 week old golden lab, Aurora. She was absolutely adorable and looks exactly like Scarlett did as a puppy. Watching her bounce all over the place brought back a lot of memories of Scarlett as a puppy. It also made me realize that I am lucky that experience didn't turn me grey at 26 when we got her. Scarlett was more work than Ava was as a little baby!

Stay tuned for pictures taken during the hockey game Saturday night. Being Leafs fans in Montreal surrounded by a family full of Canadiens fans was interesting. Too bad the pictures don't capture the trash talking...


Anonymous said…
Morning Jennifer. Aurora looks adorable! Hoping that you have had a great experience on your first day back to work. Trust that you were treated well :) Looking forward to pictures from your weekend.