Day 26 {back to work}

Today was a pretty good day. It was busy and I didn't get much of a chance to see the kids, but I got to catch up with everyone at work and that was great. Here was our day.

Some people were with it...

Some were not.

And some people were dying for me to leave so they could play with the new toys.

Notes were left...

Number of children waving to me from the window: zero

Part of going back to work I hate. Profanities escaping my mouth during drive: zero. Outstanding.

What gets me through it:

Yes. I admit there was some rocking going on.

And I was early. Outstanding. It rarely happened with one child and here it happened today on my first day going to work with three children.

Guess whose email wasn't deactivated before her leave? Number of emails in my inbox when I left today: 5.

The ceremonial first whopper of 2009 was eaten. It's a tradition around work. We love our BK.

Except for SOMEBODY...who opted for this place instead. JANIE. So we hit both.

Now I will be good and take my lunch every day until I fall off the wagon again.

Terrible lighting, but here are the flowers at work. Every Monday we get new flowers so that will be a must get shot every Monday.

Arriving home, filling up and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow:

The person most excited to see me? The dog.

But Ava did scream Mommy when I walked in. Followed by "don't take a picture of me!!!"

And that was it. I don't know how I will find stuff to take pictures of on work days but I'll try. I've got tomorrow night's dinner in the fridge and ready for the crock pot in the morning so maybe there's an opportunity there.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Great job capturing your day Jen! Congrats on getting through your first day.
Sheri said…
Loving all the photos today! I am glad to hear your first day went okay.
Debra said…
I love seeing "your day". Fun photos!!
Anonymous said…
This was funny! I hope you enjoyed the whopper! Funny no one waving to you. ;-( Thanks for the laugh ;-)
Melissa said…
I'm impressed Jen. Keep up the great work!

P.S. Owen - don't worry - I look like that every morning that I get up! At least until 9! :)
Erika said…
Great pictures, it is so fun to follow your days. Isn't it great to have a dog..? Always someone who's HAPPY when you get home! :)