Day 27 {zingy zaps}

Well, I only took 10 pictures today. All day. It wasn't because there wasn't anything to take pictures of, it's because unless I hire a chauffeur, I can't take pictures and drive at the same time. And since we are now employing a nanny there is definitely no money left over for a chauffeur lol.

The highlight of the day was a lunchtime visit to the Bulk Barn with one of the girls from work for a little afternoon pick me up. Some people go outside for smoke breaks, we go buy candy. Only once in a while though like today. If course we had to go because I just started back at work so we had to continue the celebrations. I'd like to point out that I took my lunch today and I actually ate it. So we went to Bulk Barn to celebrate that too lol.

Here is another one of my weaknesses: zingy zaps. Often you will find a big bag of them in my desk and me walking around with a black tongue.

The stash for everyone. (Only the hickory sticks are mine.)

Other than that, the day was uneventful.

Number of children who waved to me this morning as I drove away: one (the four legged hairy one).

Number of inconsiderate drivers in white trucks who cut me off: one.

Number of profanities muttered in the car as a result: one.

Lunches remembered: one

Breakfasts forgotten: one. Damn! I knew I forgot something.

Number of episodes of my soap operas I need to catch up on: four

Number of days I have off before I go back to work again: two

Number of birthday parties I have to plan tomorrow: one

Well, that's about it for today. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I plan to more than make up for it tomorrow when I am home with the kids.

Thanks for looking!


I loved your post today LOL Total hoot, that candy looks SO good!!!
Melissa said…
Mmmmmmmm.....Zingy Zaps! Love them! What a delicious picture!

Enjoy the day home with the kids Jen - looking forward to the pics!
Shannon said…
Zingy Zaps! What the hell are they? he he he!

Have fun being home with the kids today.
Erika said…
Cool pic of the candies! I've never seen such, but they look yummy.