Day 115 {storm}

Today started out as a beautiful day. It was really warm and the sun was shining. It was really windy though and we ended up getting a really wild storm. We went to my in-laws' house where I love to look around and take pictures of whatever I can find. There are always flowers to take pictures of which is something we have very little of at our house. Anyway, on with our day.

Child-proofing continued. Attempts to throw small toys down the central vac hookup have been thwarted through the sheer magic of masking tape. For now. (This is Owen)

Jason's baby came out of storage.

Ava's lettuce, peas and carrots are starting to sprout (this is the lettuce). Unfortunately the outlook for the carrots might not be good if we don't get them into the garden very soon (thanks for the heads up, Karen K!).

On our way out of town we had to stop to get milk. There was no parking near the grocery store so Jason pulled into the alley. Ava immediately says "that's my church!" Amazing since A. it's the back of the church and B. we don't go very often. Kid's pretty smart.

Anyway, we arrived at Jason's parents' house just as the sun went in and the winds continued to pick up.

I took some pictures of the flowers in the garden. Forget the daffodils though - check out the sky. It was pretty wild.

Ava helped water Grandma & Grandpa's new tree.

The boys put a lot of miles on and ran a scatter pattern as usual. (Here's Owen two seconds before he found the kiddie pool full of water that the tree roots were soaking in and drenched his entire arm.)

And everything they found on the ground immediately went in their mouth (this is Ethan eating a pine cone).

We went down to the river where Tia chased rocks as Ava threw them in the water.

I took a little walk with Owen further down the river to take this really uninteresting picture.

See all of that dead brush? Jason lost his wedding ring in that spot two months after we got married. He was throwing leaves into the pile when his ring flew off his finger. Number of minutes it took him to find it with a metal detector? 5. Unbelievable.

Anyway where was I? I was taking that boring picture and I thought Owen and I should head for the house as it was getting even windier and the rain seemed really close. We headed for the house and I managed to get this picture of the clouds moving in:

And that's when mother nature almost turned Owen and I into Dorothy and Toto. It was like Indiana Jones running from the boulder. People running from the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Of course I am exaggerating but seriously, it was scary. It was definitely tornado weather and stuff was starting to get blown away by the wind.

Jason's parents' neighbours' tree snapped and just missed the house. The wind was blowing not only the rain but it was picking up all of the dirt on the ground and it triggered a dust storm. There were cars on the highway that were pulled over with their hazard lights on. It was scary.

Anyway, it only lasted about five minutes but it was long enough. Long enough to pick up our muskoka chair and fling it off the front porch and into our neighbours' garage. Long enough to pull shingles off another neighbours' roof. And long enough to smash our next door neighbour's beautiful play set they just bought for their kids two days ago against the fence. :( THANK GOD Ava's trampoline is still sitting in the garage in the box or everyone would have seen a 14 foot flying saucer sail over the town. For once procrastination pays off.

Here are some pictures from the aftermath of the storm.

There was just something about these four perfect little droplets sitting in a row.

Raindrops on the clothesline.

After the storm, Ava and I went outside and wandered around. Here she is heading back to the house and up the stairs that Owen and I ran full blast up a short time before.

That was it. An exciting day and lots of opportunities for pictures. As much as I love taking pictures of the kids it's been nice to get outside and take pictures of other stuff. The ground has turned green overnight it seems and it's so nice to get outside.

Thanks for looking!


Lucy Corrander said…
I think the picture of back of the church is attractive in its own right.

It's started to drizzle here (certainly not a storm) - and it's very welcome . . . and smells delicious.

Lucy Corrander
Erika said…
Wow, that sounds like a scary storm. Glad you didn't had more damage! The pictures of the daffodils and the sky really shows that something is on its way.

Seems like everything has turned green over there too. This week has really brought spring here.

Great pictures of the raindrops, lovely!
Petra said…
wow fab photos, love them all...but especially like the tire one and those with the waterdrops!!
listgirl said…
Jennifer it looked like you had a full day, you storm chaser you! (Or is it storm-running-awayer?) I really loved all the photos you took. You sure have a good eye for the juxtaposition of bright spring colors against the gray stormy background.
Sheri said…
Great shots Jen! It really captures the came up so quickly and was gone almost as fast. So glad you guys got inside okay.
Unknown said…
I like the drops picture
Mari said…
Those are some great shots! I love the raindrop ones and the one of the tire. The back of the church is also cool and so are the sky shots. And...I like them all~!