day 265 {bedtime story}

Today was a work day so I was scrambling for subject matter. Here is the book I read to Ava before bedtime: Meet Kai-lan. She's similar to Dora but teaches you how to say words in Japanese.

Number of words I couldn't pronounce: 5
(To add insult to injury they are each repeated several times. I'm also mad because flipping through the book now I discover that there is a pronunciation guide at the front of the book that I didn't see.)

Number of camping chairs squashed and destroyed by our automatic garage door because I kept looking out wondering why the door was still up and pressing the button to close it: 1

Number of dried ketchup handprints on the back of my white shirt as I type this: 2 (Ethan's)

Number of decisions made on car purchase: 0

Yes it was one of those days. Not particularly bad, but frustrating and very little went right.

Thanks for looking!