day 273 {new car}

Today was a pretty good day. Things started off with a good breakfast for everyone. Ava was my guinea pig for the new recipe I tried: "Beary-Berry" Banana Split. It was a HUGE hit. She had two bowls like this:

That recipe is a definite keeper. And so is the one I tried this afternoon while the boys were sleeping: Mother Load Layered Cookie Bars. OH. MY. GOD. I don't have pictures of the finished product as I had to leave for the car dealership before it had cooled but will post some tomorrow. Check out the pictures on the Picky Palate blog to see how fabulous the finished product looks. Unfortunately mine doesn't look as fabulous, but it tastes the same so who cares.

I made one substitution to the recipe. The recipe called for Pillsbury sugar cookie dough for the bottom layer. I couldn't find any, so I used a Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix instead. Another tip I have? Pressing the layers down was impossible in the pan without everything shifting and lifting all over the place. Instead of using a spoon which was frustrating and took forever, I placed a piece of parchment paper on top of the batter and pressed it down with my hands. It was a lot easier.

Anyway, the final results are delicious but to be honest they took a long time to make. I'll bet they took me an hour and a half to make plus 45 minutes in the oven because there were a lot of steps.

First there was the sugar cookie layer:

Then there was the double chocolate chip cookie layer:

Followed by the peanut butter cookie layer:

And the final layer - the chocolate chip cookie layer:

They also suggest drizzling chocolate on the top. That would have been perfect but I didn't have time to do it because we were off to pick up the new car. We found out Monday that Toyota was giving an extra $500 discount on cars bought in September. The problem was in order to get it they needed to locate a car and you had to take ownership of it in September. The other problem? They didn't have the car we ordered sitting on the lot. Somehow they managed to find one Monday night at another dealership in the area, get the rust proofing done and have it waiting for pickup tonight (that's it on the right). From the looks of things, magnetic grey appears to be "in".

How ironic. Look what was also waiting for pickup and parked directly behind our car? A 2009 magnetic grey Venza. Buggars.

The plates were switched and the papers were signed as Black Betty looked on quietly from the parking lot. Number of kms at trade: 161,433. Number of kms on the Corolla S when we left the lot: 215.

Number of minutes she was allowed to sit grill-less in with all of the new cars after we left? Zero. We weren't even out of the parking lot and she was whisked away to the back lol.

The final verdict? It's a very nice car and it was nice regardless of the speed we were going or who was driving it on the way home as we took turns. It drove just as nicely whether we were going 80 or 100. Anybody who knows me knows which of those speeds was mine. ;)

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
How exciting! Glad you finally are done with the car shopping!
Sheri said…
Congrats on the new car!! And another great recipe that combines two of my favs...peanut butter and chocolate...I'll have to stop coming to your blog or else I'll never lose the last 5 lbs :) LOL
Karen E. said…
Congrats on the new car! Melanie and Davin both enjoy their Corolla Sports. Now, did you check the speedometor as you were driving or did you guess how fast Jason was going? I know which one is your speed!!! The police will be out watching for you now Jen!! I know that the salesperson thought that you looked too young and not stressed to have 3 children. Did you tell him that one child rides in the trunk ;)
Melanie said…
Welcome to the Corolla club! I totally dig my corolla. Her name isn't quiet finalized yet, it's either Peppy or Betty. Naming your car is about a 10 year commitment so I'm not pushing a decision yet! Does your car have a name yet? Also I should point out that my car was recalled about 3 weeks ago for a problem with the brakes potentially freezing in the winter. I hope they took care of that before they sold you the car. But I'm sure Jason is all over that. Happy driving.