day 175 - much music countdown $

Today was pretty uneventful. Ava and I were off to the dentist in the morning. She got a fluoride treatment for the first time and handled it like a champion. I was very impressed because I always found that part of it torturous and was glad when I turned 12 or 16 or whatever it was and never had to do it again.

Mommy on the other hand had a front tooth evened out with the grinder and had her gums measured to make sure they aren't receding. Hooray for getting old. My teeth were so sore for the rest of the day. It makes me wonder what on earth they would feel like if I had summer teeth. Come to think of it, people who have summer teeth obviously don't go to the dentist, so I think I answered my own question.

As an aside, remember the Windows pipes screensaver? Good times, good times.

Not a whole lot happened other than that. My new plan of attack in dealing with the kids is to entertain them with music videos. LOTS of them. We've started watching countdowns on Much Music on a regular basis. Recent favourites include Hedley, Ke$ha and Katy Perry.

Here's Owen watching California Gurls. I have no idea what on earth cupcake bras and whip cream shooting jubblies have to do with the song but Ava finds it very entertaining. And I find it entertaining hearing my kids scream out "Snoop Dogg" when I ask them who the guy is in the video. Ahhh...good old Snoop.

The other way to keep them entertained? Load them into the van, go for a trip to the park and circle the town listening to music. Now I spent many a night circling this town and listening to loud music back in the day, but never once did I ever think I would be doing it in my thirties with a minivan full of children. Speaking of children, here are my four kids:


Darla said…
i love that your children are watching the music videos, mine always did too, and they are well adjusted and great teenagers despite what lots of books 'warned' us about with exposing them to the media culture. your kiddos are precious and yes the 'california girls' video is quite entertaining!