day 177 - it's raining, it's pouring $

A really, really boring day. It's a good thing the wedding we did last week wasn't today as it was absolutely miserable outside. It rained all day and quite heavily at times.

Ava and I were bored, so we went out for a little drive in our Wonder Woman t-shirts. Hooray Old Navy and your collectibles line. Please note: a womens Goonies t-shirt, size small would be a great addition to the lineup. Thank you.

My dad told us a while ago that something was wrong with one of the gutters on the side of our house. The problem is that we never seem to be home when it's raining hard and if we are, we forget to look outside. Today Jason remembered and went out on the porch to look. As you can see, the kids were not in agreement that a leaking gutter is a bad thing.

This is my favourite picture for the day. There's just something about the blurry lines from the rain and the water droplets. Sometimes you just get lucky. :) Mind you I would have been luckier if the damn gas meter wasn't in the picture. Oh well.

Oh and the best part of this weekend? Congratulations on your engagement, Jarret & Sara!!!