day 180 - berry chapstick $

My kids are obsessed with chapstick. If they get their hands on it, you can kiss it goodbye. You know the story - they roll it up too far and then somebody gets carried away and snaps it off. Then the part they broke off disappears god knows where, never to be seen again.

This picture was taken as I was straightening my hair this morning. Ava found the chapstick first this morning and was more than happy to apply Owen's chapstick after she did her own. I'd say poor Owen, but he found it quite enjoyable. He didn't even complain when she moved on from his lips to coating the rest of his face. Anyway, it was pretty cute and I have to admit I loved the berry flavoured kisses I got before I left for work.

Here's another picture I took today. It's become a weekly tradition - every Tuesday after soccer, Ava races Nana back to our house. Jason has usually gone ahead of us with the boys, and I walk slowly back to the house, enjoying two whole minutes of silence.


Mari said…
Love that chapstick picture!
Erine said…
Rylan LOVES chap stick too!! He loves to apply it himself, can get a bit messy.... who knew you need chap stick on your forehead!