day 210 - the pick up $

I missed Ava so much last night. It was only one night but I missed her like crazy. This morning I went to pick her up and it was so cute watching her wheel her overnight bag to the car and watching her and L hug each other and tell each other they would miss each other like they'd never see each other again. So sweet.

Here's a little known fact - one of the people in this picture has a six pack (of the abdominal variety). It obviously isn't me or this project would be called the "365 Days of Jennifer's Six Pack".

Thanks M family for a great time and the wonderful hospitality. Ava had a great time and we are both very lucky to have such fantastic friends!


Anonymous said…
Hey Jennifer. As I said in my last comment, I knew this blog was going to burn a few moments of each day. I spent some time this morning with my coffee reading back -- way back. Much more pleasant reading than the G&M. You are so funny -- in a really cool, effortless way. And you write beautifully. What a wonderful voice you have! Love your blog.