day 196 - the three s's of summer

Today was the opening day of the McDougall family reunion. The kids were quite excited and looked forward to partaking in the three S's (not to be confused with the other three S's which are totally unrelated).



and spiderdogs.

(That's Owen.)

The picture of the marshmallows really doesn't give you a sense of scale. Have you seen the massive campfire marshmallows? They are about four times the size of a regular marshmallow (and four times the price...) and they make you incredibly efficient when roasting for the kids since one marshmallow is enough to kick off a week long sugar high.


Unknown said…
I am not a fan of the huge marshmallows, lol... that is just too much marshmallow for me! Looks like a fun time!
Mari said…
What fun! I never heard of a spiderdog though. :)