Trip to the Antique Market

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Saturday was a lot of fun. We went to an antique market at a conservation area and spent the day looking around. The rain was off and on, but off enough that I was able to take some pictures.

Can you spot the handicapped parking sign in the shot with the parked cars? Look hard for it - it's like finding Waldo. Not exactly the most convenient spot for handicapped parking, is it? Would you believe me if I told you that from the place where I was standing, you still had a five minute walk to get to the gate of the antique market?

The slide picture is of Ava and the little guy in the other pictures is a good family friend. He is easily the smartest little kid I have ever met. I could talk to him for hours. We walked around the antique market as he told me how I should never double dip and explained the difference between double dipping and double grabbing. It was very informative....

Thanks for looking!

Edited to add: I should probably mention that Christie is the name of the conservation area the antique market was held at. That is the significance of the cookie tin.

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2 Responses to “Trip to the Antique Market”

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures, Jen! They are such unique shots! Love the one with the mirror! Actually - I love them all!

Anonymous said...

You really captured the day.
Great shots!!