Chickens, horses and puppies oh my!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

On Saturday I took family photos out on the family farm (my favourite new spot for pictures). We tried to incorporate as many family pets as possible in the pictures.

The family horses Freckles and Sahara...

Playing in the barn...

Such a willing subject. I feel guilty as he was told that he had to be good for the shoot or he couldn't go golfing that afternoon. He was so fabulous and agreeable, and halfway through the shoot it started to pour rain...

Would you believe that this is one of the chicks that Ava played with a few short months ago? Pictures here...

The family's newest member, the adorable Casey (and of course the equally beautiful Sasha in the background)...

Thanks for looking!

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One Response to “Chickens, horses and puppies oh my!”

Melissa said...

Fabulous pictures, Jen! Such vibrant colours and great scenery! Love the jumping pic!