A few more from Wasaga

Here are some more pictures from one of our two trips to Wasaga Beach this summer.

In this first picture I wanted a shot that would capture exactly how small the kids are at this particular point in time. Their footprints seemed like a good way to do it so we added in our own in to give a sense of scale. From l to r: Jason, me, Ava, Ethan & Owen.

Here are a few more of Ethan wearing my cousin's cowboy hat...

This whole tongue sticking out thing is his new trademark.

Ava and Daddy sitting watching the water at sunset. This could be the last summer where her legs stick off the chair like this so I wanted to capture it.

All of us (thanks for a great picture, Mel).

From the car on the way home. These sure weren't around when I was a kid and we used to make the trip...

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Jen, these photos are so cute, we will have to have more beach days next year.
You are amazing with the camera.
The children are beautiful.
A Gail